Love Is In The Air At Courthouse Marriage Ceremonies

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Love is in the air at the Franklin County Courthouse where dozens of couples are taking their wedding vows on Valentine's Day.

For one day, the halls of justice transform to a place for love... where municipal court workers turn wedding day witnesses.

More than 50 weddings are scheduled for Friday, and dozens of walk-ins are expected.

It is the single most popular day of the year to get married here.

To handle the large crowds, court workers created a Marriage Department. Couples can apply for licenses, have their weddings performed and file the documents to make it official all in one stop.

David and Loritta Ellington say they chose this day to get married because Valentine's Day symbolizes love.

"When you marry somebody, you're making a commitment before our creator, so a lot was going through my mind - you know, thanking him and hoping he instills in me what he has to instill in me so I can be the husband that I can be," said David.

Alfred Amponsah and Renita Nzenbayie dressed in valentine red rather than wedding white for the occasion.

They say their wedding ceremony on this day will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

"This day is a day of lovers. It's a special day, it's memorable... and it was just like the perfect day," Renita said.

About 65 wedding ceremonies were performed at the Franklin County courthouse last year. Court officials say they are on track to exceed that number this Valentine's Day.