Looking For Change? Let 10TV's Couch To The Commit To Be Fit 5K Be Your Motivation

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Central Ohio:  It's time to get active and take part in our "Couch to the Commit To Be Fit 5K."

If you're a first time 5K runner or walker, make the commitment, get free advice from Giant Eagle dietitians  and we'll give you a complimentary entry in May's Commit To Be Fit 5K (part of the Cap City half-marathon) on May 4, 2013.

Check out our videos and story links for great tips on eating, training and even finding savvy deals on workout apparel and more.

Then, bookmark 10TV.com/5K as we'll be updating our stories and resources weekly.
Make this the event that inspires you to get up, get out and Commit To Be Fit!