Look Inside Ohio's Execution Chamber


The day before inmates are scheduled for execution, they are brought to the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility where they spend the final hours of their lives, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported Monday.

New procedures that detail the switch from a three-drug injection to one are hanging on the wall inside the room where the inmates are strapped to a bed.

As of Monday, if the intravenous method fails, there is a backup that injects a mixture of lethal drugs straight into the inmate's muscle, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported.

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The change came after the state failed to find a usable vein in Romell Broom.  After two hours, his September execution was called off.

"The circumstances that occurred with Romell Broom - while they're very rare and exceptional circumstances - we wanted to equip our staff with the means necessary to carry out their responsibilities under the law, and intramuscular does that," said Julie Walburn, an ODRC spokeswoman.

By the time an inmate makes it from the holding cell to the actual death chamber, the IV lines have been tested with a saline solution. 

Still, under the new procedure, if anything goes wrong at any point in time -- even after the initial injection is given -- the warden and execution team can switch to the new backup method, Hirsch reported.

"We are confident that these drugs will be effective in the lethal injection process here in Ohio," Walburn said.

The state's next scheduled execution is scheduled for Dec. 8, Hirsch reported.

Broom's execution remains on hold.  His attorneys argue that a second attempt would be cruel and unusual punishment.

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