London Police Ask Homeowners To Be Vigilant After Burglary Spike

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David Shaw and his Wife Martha say they've enjoyed the safety of their London home for more than 50 years.

But all that changed December 2, 2013, when they say a burglar broke through the back door to their garage and entered their home.

"We couldn't sleep at all for a week to 10 days we were a nervous wreck", says Martha.

The crook-- they say-- went into the house and stole all Martha's Jewelery.

"I told David I didn't have a pair of earrings to wear to church a week ago. They took every earring I owned," she said.

The Shaws aren't alone in their loss of safety.

"It's really taken away your sense of security. I mean your home is where you lay your head down where you expect to be safe. After this, you don't feel that way anymore", said Jason Tipton.

He says the burglar entered his parents home through an unlocked kitchen window the day after Christmas, and then came back.

"They came back the next night", he says.

That time, he says he was home and the suspects ran off.

London Police say the crimes are happening in all parts of the city.

There were 9 burglaries in December, which police say is higher than normal.

For the year, there were 61 home burglaries.

"Most of the doors have been entered through the backyard where they are not facing a main roadway," said Police Chief David Wiseman. He says there's been no evidence to connect the crimes and no one has a description of any suspicious person or vehicle.

As for David and Martha Shaw, they say while they can replace the things they lost, restoring their sense of security will be much harder.

"It's going to take awhile to get over it," says Shaw.

Detectives say they are checking local pawn shops to see if any of the stolen property ends up there.