Local Gun Instructors Talk About Accidental Uzi Shooting Death

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The tragic death of a gun instructor who was shot by a 9-year-old girl in Nevada as he was showing her how to shoot a fully automatic weapon made national news because his death could have been prevented.
Two local gun dealers say it's unlikely this type of tragedy could happen at a shooting range in Ohio.
The 9-year-old girl was shooting what's called a mini uzi. Shooting instructors at the Black Wing Shooting Range in Delaware said the shooting looked like an accident waiting to happen.
The Baker family of Powell wants their three boys, ages 11, 16, and 17, to know how to shoot and respect firearms.
"I think it's good to have a healthy fear of guns because they are not toys," said father Jim Baker.
They've seen and talked about the video of the 9-year-old girl who accidentally shot and killed her instructor while firing an automatic weapon.
Baker says he could never imagine putting that kind of firepower in the hands of his sons.
"It seemed inappropriate, but my heart really goes out to the families," he said.
Rex Gore is President of Black Wing Shooting Center.
"I thought it was ridiculous and is tragic when this happens anywhere," Gore said.
He said the tragedy was an accident waiting to happen beginning with the instructor who he said was in the wrong position.
"If I'm standing behind you, I can control that firearm here. My hand on your back, I can control the situation so you can't injure me," he said.
At the Bullet Ranch in Pataskala, a Class 3 firearm dealer that can sell automatic weapons, the manager said he doesn't understand why an instructor would allow a 9-year-old to shoot a fully automatic weapon.
"You don't put a fully automatic into the hands of a 9-year-old," said Jerry Carver of Bullet Ranch.
10TV's Kevin Landers asked Ranch if he was surprised some states allow a child to fire an automatic weapon.
"Honestly, it's a personal choice for the parents involved," he said.
Firing a fully automatic weapon in Ohio varies at different shooting ranges.
The ones we spoke to say they won't allow anyone under the age of 18.