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Traffic updates around Columbus, Ohio. What to expect for your commute.

Monday, August 21st

Expected delays tonight

10 PM Monday, August 21 I-70 EB reduced to two lanes between Grant and Fourth. Ramp from 3rd St. to I-70 east closed. Detour Livingston to Kelton Ave. to I-70 east.

11 PM I-70 EB reduced to one lane between Grant and Fourth. I-70 WB closed at the split. Traffic forced to exit to I-71 north to I-670 west to SR 315 south to I-70 west.

5 AM All lanes and ramps on I-70 east and west open.

8:00 AM

Accident on I-70 West near Livingston Ave has traffic moving at 26 mph

Detour: I-670

4:40 AM

School Bus laws—

Flashing Yellow Lights: The bus is preparing to stop and you should too.

Flashing Red lights: If you are on a two-lane road everyone stops 10 feet within the school bus.
Flashing Red Lights: If you are on a four-lane or divided road only those going the same direction stop

Breaking one of these laws be prepared to pay fines up to $500 and could face a one-year suspension of your driver license.