Licking County Track Team Misses Last Meet After They Are Driven To Wrong Location

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They've been training, competing, and winning.  

But the Johnstown-Monroe track team will never know if they have what it takes to go all the way because their bus went the wrong way.

The Mast sisters are back home with their horses after a sad end to the school year.  

Both Grace, a rising sophomore, and McCalah, a rising senior, run track for Johnstown-Monroe High School.  They, along with nine other team members, qualified for Thursday’s regional meet.  They felt that they had a real chance of winning.

"We were very stressed out, and I was nervous, too, because it's Regionals.  It's the big thing,"  McCalah said.

But there was a hitch. The track meet was at Lexington High School in Richland County.  The bus driver drove them to New Lexington High School in Perry County. A senior spotted the sign.

 An assistant coach on the bus called the head coach at the meet.

"She told us that we weren't going to make it, and that was, that was really hard," McCalah said.

The Mast girls were scheduled for the 4 x 800 which was the first event.

"It was supposed to start at 4:30 and we got there at 5:10, so we completely missed it," Grace explained.

"I think everyone was crying, all the girls at least," McCalah said.

"I knew we had a chance to go to state, but it was completely gone then," Grace said.

Some teammates did compete in later events, but had no time to warm up.

10TV stopped by the high school, but neither principal nor the athletic director would comment, though the athletic director did say he'd been in touch with most parents.  

McCalah and Grace said the driver and the coaches apologized to the team, but the girls feel the saddest for teammates who may never run track again.

"I have three more years left.  I have more chances to go to Regionals, but like the seniors didn't.  They don't have any more chances," Grace said

The sisters' parents took them home by car, not bus, and stopped for ice cream to console them.

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