Licking County Farmers Play Chess Game With Mother Nature


Farming has been in Don and Marcie Williams' family since the 1920s.

The uncertainty of when to plant their corn and soy crop is something they've grown used to over the years.

"I didn't use to be a real nice person this time of year when we couldn't get into the fields, but you kind of learn to deal with these things.  It goes with the turf,” says Don.

"You just play it day by day and when the weather breaks, then you go with everything you've got to get it done," Marcie remarks.

While they wait, the Williams are busy making sure all the maintenance and repairs are done and the equipment is ready.

They say it's always hard to predict what Mother Nature will deal them.

"There've been times we've gotten maybe a few hundred acres planted and it turned and we'd wait for a month before we got back in; that's happened more than once,” Don recalls.

Don does a daily survey of the hundreds of acres they will plant this year, and right now, with water still standing in some of his fields, there's no question they will have to delay.  But he's optimistic.

"It will take a week of nice weather.  You just have to learn to go with the flow."

And even though they play this guessing game every year, it's something the Williams’ would never trade for the world.

"The only thing I've ever done beside this was go into the Air Force.  This is all I ever wanted to do.  You can't put a price on being able to do what you want to do."