Licking County Deputies Using Technology To Replace Child ID Cards

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Most parents have pictures of their kids on their phones or computers. But those images can't talk.

A new machine being used by local law enforcement helps parents catalogue their children for emergencies.

Dan Prouty is passionate about the issue and refuses to cut corners when it comes to protecting his child.

"I couldn't imagine being a father and losing, you know, your child come up missing," said Prouty.

Prouty was instrumental in getting Newark's Local Moose Lodge to buy a first-of-its-kind child identification system used by Ohio law enforcement.

The organization donated the machine to the Licking County Sheriff's Office.

"The sooner and quicker we can get the information, he sooner and quicker we can get out to look for a child or a missing person," said Deputy Rob Barr, Licking County Sheriff's Office.

The EZ Child ID system cost $2,300. It replaces cards that parents used to have to fill out.

Details are crucial during the crisis, when parents may not be thinking clearly.

"(They) can be very upset and not be able to answer questions. Where with this system, with it being on a CD, they can just hand it over to us and we have all the information right there," said Barr.

One of the features of the system allows kids to make short movies of themselves. The child can provide answers to such questions as "How do you get home from school?" and "Where do you like to play?" and "Where do you go when you are upset?"

The clues can help find kids when time is of the essence.

"If this thing, you know, could find one child - I think it's worth it," added Prouty.

All of the information the sheriff's office collects is given back to the families to keep in case of emergency.

The Licking County Sheriff's Office is blanketing large public events and giving the public a chance to sign up on the new machine.