Lewis Center Company Sues Facebook

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The founder of a Lewis Center technology company said he sued Facebook for using his invention.

Michale McKibben said several years ago Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ripped off the programming code his company developed, 10 Investigates’ Paul Aker reported on Monday. 

The code was intellectual property for which McKibben held a patent, Aker reported.

McKibben said he believed Zuckerberg got the code from his son who was going to Harvard.  McKibben said that he emailed his son the code.

 McKibben said his son lived next to Zuckerberg; Zuckerberg was known for hacking computers at the time.

Facebook--which did not return calls for the story--- faced at least one other high profile lawsuit with a similar theme: people claimed Zuckerberg ripped off their ideas on his climb to building a $35 billion empire.

McKibben lost his suit at trial. He said a jury found the code was his invention, but ruled against him because jurors believed he had technically invalidated it.  

McKibben filed an appeal about a month ago saying the judge applied the law incorrectly. McKibben said he likes his chances in round two. 

“We're bullish on appeal. We think the law is on our side, we believe the facts are on our side,” McKibben said. 
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