Legal Battle Continues Between Fired Principals And Columbus School District

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A legal battle centers around two high school principals, who say the Columbus City School district fired them for doing what they were told.

Columbus City Schools filed a motion to dismiss that civil lawsuit for lack of evidence, but the principals fired back.

Tiffany Chavers and Pamela Diggs have long maintained that that they were required to follow a practice of withdrawing and re-enrolling students.

In court documents, filed to argue against having their case dismissed, they gave specific details.

The details in court documents accuse several administrators of attending yearly meetings with principals and assistant principals where they were given student information and then compelled to complete attendance withdrawals and re-enrollments for each of them.
It goes on to say the principals were directed to break attendance of students with ten or more consecutive absences and then re-enroll them.

It adds that more changes were made in a "war room" in the Kingswood Data center by former accountability chief Stephen Tankovich, former regional executive director Michael Dodds, and former regional executive director Darryl Sanders - the current chief academic officer.

In addition to this ongoing court case, Tiffany Chavers and Pamela Diggs still have employment hearings related the district's move to fire them.

The district says Chavers' hearing is in August and Diggs' is scheduled for October.

There is still the possibility of charges, for anyone linked to the data rigging scandal, following the outcome of the special audit by state auditor Dave Yost.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien's office says it’s still reviewing evidence gathered and conducting interviews.

In addition, Obrien's office says the state auditor is doing some additional work at its request.