Lawsuit Claims Tow Truck Companies Charge Wrongful Fees


After 10 Investigates looked into towing companies that were wrongly charging customers, those customers are now suing.

A Franklin County judge says tow truck companies have been violating laws that cap charges.

10TV’s investigation into the situation was the first to reveal how the companies charged improper administrative fees.

The towing companies have been tacking those unlawful charges on to regular towing fees.

After the investigation, people began suing the towing companies.     

Now, a Franklin County judge has approved a class action lawsuit.

The suit could mean the companies would have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars if they lose the lawsuit.

Fred Gittes, a lawyer involved, says the ruling will change how tow truck operators do business.

“The message to tow companies is that you won't be able to buy your way out of this cheap enough to continue to knowingly violate the law,” said Gittes.

Nobody from the tow truck companies has been willing to comment on the situation.