Lawmakers Work To Add Additional Calamity Days Due To Cold and Snow


Governor John Kasich is urging Ohio lawmakers to add extra calamity days for school districts dealing with the extreme cold.

In response, two state lawmakers have already introduced a bill and education committees, on the senate side and house side, are prepared to discuss all the different ideas to find a resolution for school districts in the state.

Gahanna father Philip Shirah, says he's sure the school district his children attend it close to using up its five calamity days.

"My wife has definitely been worried about it but, I do understand that administrators and teachers have a lot of pressure on themselves right now," said Shirah.

Pressure, Governor John Kasich, wants to ease for school districts that have exhausted, or have come to exhausting, their five allowable days off for bad weather.

State Representative Heather Bishoff, who serves on the education committee in the house, says legislators have started to discuss different plans.

"I think we are all interested in this particular issue and making sure we find a good resolution for all 614 school districts in Ohio," said Bishoff.

One suggestion is to let school districts take up to four additional weather-related days off this year.

Bishoff says another idea is to start the hour-based schedules, proposed for next year, now.

"You are going to get over ten days of surplus based on the average school system right now," said Bishoff.

That could take the pressure off local school administrators.

Bishoff says, in the house, the education committee meets on Wednesday evenings and this charge from the Governor will be on the agenda.

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