Lawmakers Stand To Honor Maria Tiberi, Victims Of Distracted Driving


It was an extremely rare moment at the statehouse on Tuesday as senators stood to cast their vote for a bill that honors and remembers Maria Tiberi and other victims of distracted driving.

With 10TVs Dom Tiberi in the audience looking on, in a chamber so quiet you could hear a pin drop, one-by-one all 32 senators rose from their desks to stand and cast a vote to honor Dom's daughter Maria.

"It's very rare we do that," said state Sen Jim Hughes.  "It is so emotional because these are our young people.  This is our future.  And that's why the senate president did that, but it's very rare we do this."

The standing vote, the political equivalent to the 21 gun salute, was a rare unanimous gesture by diverse politicians from every corner of Ohio.

Maria Tiberi was tragically killed in a car accident last September.

Dom says he felt Maria's presence in the room as he watched the senators cast their votes.

"I don't know anything about politics, but I knew that was special when every senator stood up," said Dom.

Just two weeks ago, Dom testified before a senate committee in favor of the bill.

On Wednesday, he watched history as the senate moved the bill one step closer to reality.

"I said when we started Maria's Message that I didn't want Maria just to be a statistic," said Dom.  "We just want to save lives."

The bill is now headed to the House.  Hughes expects it to be on Gov. John Kasich's desk by June 1.