Law Enforcement Use Explosive Detection Dogs To Secure Ohio Stadium On Game Day

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Before the first tailgaters fire up the grill, or the first television crew dots the sidelines, a team of about 450 law enforcement officers spend hours securing Ohio Stadium, including at least a dozen explosive detection dogs.

Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Copas said if someone would try to sneak an explosive into the stadium, specially trained dogs like Damira are their best chance at thwarting the plot.

"Their nose is about 100,000 times stronger than a human nose so I'm 100 percent confident that if there's anything in here that we sweep she'll pick it up," said Copas.

Franklin County sheriff Zack Scott said a stadium filled with 100,000 cheering fans is undeniably a potential target.

He also believes it's up to everyone to be vigilant and report anything that looks out of place.

"Years when I worked as a homicide detective I loved the nosy neighbor, the busy body, because they helped me solve so many crimes," explained Sheriff Scott.