Law Enforcement Continues Search to Find Missing Man

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There is a renewed effort to find a man who has been missing since 2005. Law enforcement agencies from across central Ohio are searching waterways in Delaware County looking for Tony Luzio Jr., who has been missing since 2005.

The Powell man was last seen leaving a friend’s house and detectives said they believe they drove his car into the water. 10TV cameras were there with investigators as they searched several ponds Tuesday off Seldom Seen road in Liberty Township.

Luzio was last seen leaving a friend’s house on Bayhill Drive near Rutherford Road in Liberty Township.

On Tuesday, investigators spent hours searching dozens of bodies of water. It was day two in a multi-day search. An out-of-state group specializing in sonar technology is also involved in the search.    

Dennis Watters has unique sonar equipment. The equipment can be operated by remote control and can go places that larger boats can’t.

The sonar captures underwater images from the surface and is able to scour a pond in minutes.

Investigators said they will continue to search on Wednesday. They plan to search roughly 300 ponds in the areas of Powell and Liberty Township. They are searching a three-mile radius from where Luzio was last seen.

Investigators won’t say how many bodies of water they’ve searched so far, but they said they were able to search 60 bodies of water Monday using the remote controlled sonar. 

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