LaRue Looks For Solutions To Consistent Flooding

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A plan to find solutions to persistent flooding in Marion County is slowly coming together.

Last month officials with the Village of La Rue, and others concerned about the flooding, met with officials from state and federal agencies, including the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

On Monday, the Army Corps of Engineers visited La Rue to get a first-hand look at the area and to share with the community the help they could offer and what the cost would be.

When you arrive in the Village of La Rue you're greeted by the Scioto River.

It is a part of the village's charm and one of its challenges.

Sometimes in the spring time it is nice to look out of the window and see the river but most of the time it is flooded, and a real dark color,” said Jason James who lives across the street from the Scioto River.

Flooding has been a problem in La Rue for decades but, the back-to-back floods in 2011 and 2013 have left people with a renewed urgency to fix the problem.

"I mean 51 years that's the only time I've ever seen it that bad,” said Thomas Ford one of the Boards of Directors on the Scioto Conservancy District Board

Thomas Ford took members of the U-S Army Corps of Engineers to potential problem sites in the village.  

And he also asked them to speak to the community  about what assistance they could offer.

"This is really flexible in that we can make this project whatever the community and the watershed needs for it to be,” A Community Planner with the Army Corps of Engineers told the group who gathered at the Scioto Valley Fire Department on Front Street.

Buchanan said the project would be split into two, or depending on the need, up to four phases.

The first would be federally funded.

The second would be a 75 - 25 split.

The 25 percent would be paid by the local community.

Those who attended say, so far the Army Corps of Engineers seem to be a good fit.

And those who live with along the river say they are hopeful this could work.

"It goes all the way around so I am sure there is something that could be done.” Said Jason James

According to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, since 1913, La Rue has been the site of 12 major floods.

They have had 17 floods considered “moderate,” and eight categorized as “minor”.

The US Army Corps of Engineers conducted studies of the area in 1962 and 1978.