Lancaster Councilman Pushing For Repair Of Sidewalks


A Lancaster city councilman has a plan to repair the city's cracked and crumbling sidewalks.

Councilman Randy Groff said the city hasn't been enforcing the current code pertaining to sidewalks and it is impacting the safety of the community.

"They are probably the worst I've ever seen," said Patrick Keels.

Keels is an amputee. He said the sidewalks aren't just an eyesore; they're a safety hazard.

"Riding around in a scooter, or whatever, just to go downtown sometimes you have to go around in the street. You just can't make it," Keels said.

According to Lancaster city code, if your property abuts to a city sidewalk, fixing it is your responsibility. Lancaster City Councilman Randy Groff said the city hasn't enforced that part of the code for years. He said that is why the sidewalks are in such bad shape and why he is proposing a change.

"I'm adding a piece to take away the idea of citing them to the idea of just getting the sidewalks repaired," Randy Groff said.

Under Groff's proposal, if the sidewalk in front of your house needs repaired, you would likely receive a notice from the city to fix it. If you don't, then the city would take care of it and bill you or assess the cost to your property taxes.

"It's amending to clarify; it's not really changing the law, but giving better clarification," Groff said.

Keels said that clarification could in turn give him better access.

"I think it's a good idea. It will keep people out of the streets," Keels said.

Councilman Groff said not enforcing the current sidewalk code leaves the city liable for damage or injury that occurs as a result of the disrepair.

He plans to introduce his proposal to council on September 8th.