Lancaster Area Sees Rise In Rural Burglaries


Fairfield County Sheriff's deputies investigated 30 home burglaries in the Millersport and Lancaster areas between Oct. 1 and Dec. 15.

Some residents of Walnut Township told 10TV News it was common for people to have left their doors unlocked prior to the crimes.

David Zollinger said that's how it happened to his home in Millersport.

"They walked in. We never locked it. Just walked right in, went straight to the bedroom, picked up my wife's jewelry box and walked out," Zollinger said.

Zollinger said burglars hit his father's farmhouse two miles one day earlier.

"My dad's house was locked so they kicked the door in," Zollinger said.

In one case on Lake Road in Millersport, burglars went after just about anything they could sell for cash.

"They took the hot water tank out of the basement. They removed a bunch of copper wire that was in the basement, a drop-in stove, a dishwasher and deep freeze that we had full of stuff," Alan Hale said.

Zollinger suggested the crimes had changed how they lived.

"We're much more aware - aware that the safe country living we're used to isn't as safe as it once was," Zollinger said.

Investigators said they have a few leads, but not enough to make any arrests.

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