La Rue Residents Anxiously Await Word On Flooding Assistance


A Marion County community is desperate to learn whether the government will help them with flooding.

Flooding has been a problem in La Rue for decades but, the back-to-back floods in 2011 and 2013 moved the village to apply for assistance with the Army Corps of Engineers.

The village says it was supposed to get an answer this month, but so far they're still waiting.

On Friday, La Rue residents took a moment to mark what they see as an important milestone.

To mark Arbor Day, a tree was planted outside the Kiwanis Village, in honor of the residents who recently moved back after floods forced them out just before Christmas.

It's strong, it's strong,” said Kiwanis Village resident Louise Severns, “And everybody living in here is strong because they've come back. They've all come back."

Louise Severns was forced out after floods last year and in 2011.

"It's not a pleasant thing to open that door and see things floating. It's not nice,” said Severns,

Severns says help came from so many people.

Including Deb Berry, who coordinated with the United Methodist Committee on Relief to secure grant money to help residents start over.

"My mother-in-law was here in 2011 so we were on that emotional family side at that time,” said Deb Berry a Case Manager for United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).  “It has been so emotional. Just up and down and not knowing when they were going to get back in."

Flood gates, recently rebuilt, are constantly monitored by several groups involved with the recovery efforts in the village.

The gates, along with other surface water project improvements, continue to offer some protection while the village awaits word from the Army Corps of Engineers.

But until then, Severns says she will relish this moment.

"I intend to stay here as long as I can,” says Severns.

Groups in the village, involved with the recovery efforts, have already planned a meeting with State Senator Dave Burke to learn more about how the state can help them.

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