Knox County Residents Receive Water Thanks To Federal Funds


With more than 10,000 customers in Knox County without power, many have been scrambling to find drinkable water.

A rig of 18 pallets of bottled water arrived at the Mount Vernon Fire Department on Monday, thanks to the federal government.

Frank Galligher said that he had stored water but used it all. He filled up 18 milk jugs of free water from a tap at the end of the fire department’s hose.

“When you’re spoiled and use to having air conditioning, it’s kind of like living as a pioneer,” Galligher said.

Gambier resident Annie Ayers tapped into the free water.

“We can get the toilets to flush, but we have to go to friends’ houses to shower and stuff. It’s horrible,” Ayers said.

Ayers filled two 55-gallon drums for her family and her six cows to use.

Blandensburg Fire District Chief Nick Cockrell said that he is responsible for his community of 2,800 people who get their water from wells.

“We’re just running out of water with what we had,” Cockrell said. “I have six people on the payroll right now going door to door throughout our whole 72-square-miles checking on people and giving them water.”

County officials said that the plan was to use fire stations and the Salvation Army as collection points for the water.

The Emergency Management Director is urging only those with critical need to use the limited supply.

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