Knox County Mobile Home Fire Kills One Person And Injures Two Others


An 89-year-old woman is dead after a Knox County mobile home fire.

Relatives told 10TV the woman who died was Clair Vance. Firefighters found her in the back bedroom.

Her daughter and a friend were also injured in the fire.

They are expected to be okay.

A neighbor who called 911 said the house looked like a fireball.

Don Sanford said what he saw between his tree line will haunt him for a long time.

"It was just a big ball of fire, just unreal. You wouldn't think something like that would ever be. I know i'll never forget it, ever," Sanford said,

Sanford said he heard the victims scream for help.

"'Help! call 911,' I believe one of them said. 'Mom's still in the trailer,'" Sanford recalled.

He said the flames from the fire on Bosehart Road were at least 20 to 30 feet in the air.

"I've never seen anything like it. It was like it started and was done less than 5 minutes," Sanford said.

Firefighters said they found two kerosene heaters inside the house.

Its main heat source appeared to be a wood burning fireplace.

A family member stopped by to see if the family dog, a Yorkie, survived, but he left empty handed.

"I don't want us to ever witness something like that again," Sanford said.

He said the fire took more than just a home from a country road, it took the life of a neighbor he knew well.

"They was good people, very good people. They were people you would want in your neighborhood," Sanford said.

It's the image of seeing the home burn to the ground that Sanford said he'd like to forget.

"It was so quick. It was so quick," Sanford said.

Firefighters said the fire was ruled an accident, but the cause remains under investigation.