Knox County Man Sentenced To 25 Years For Killing Child

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A man was sentenced on Friday for killing his girlfriend’s four-year-old child in Mount Vernon.

David Scott, Jr. pleaded guilty to the crime in August.

Two months ago, Scott pleaded guilty to causing the death of four year old Kendrick Breece in a Mount Vernon home he shared with the boy's mother, Tabitha Raver, and his three siblings.

While it was clear Scott would be punished for what he had done, one of Kendrick's sisters struggled with why he did it in the first place.

"David, why did you torture me? And why did you beat my sisters?,” said Kendrick’s sister, who 10TV will not identify. “In a way I hope you get life because of the way you treated me and my sister and brothers."

On Friday, a judge heard testimony that Scott had lived in the home for four months and abused all of the children in the house.

The children's mother is already serving a six year prison sentence for failing to protect her children.

Before Scott was sentenced, the victim's family spoke, including two of the three remaining children. They spoke about what they went through.

“Beating us, whacking my sister in the face with a paddle and most of all, making us stand on one foot,” said one of the children.

The children’s great aunt addressed Scott in court.

“During this short time you managed to relentlessly degrade, terrorize, traumatize and torture four babies,” said Maribeth Hecht.

A victim's advocate read a statement from Kendrick's brother.

"David, you hurt me so bad, you killed Kendrick.  Look who is being punished now,” the letter read.

Kendrick's grandmother, and great aunt, wanted to make sure Scott would be punished.

“You show him the same mercy, that he showed my grandson, not to mention the other children. None!” said Kimberly O’Ryan Kendrick’s grandmother.

"What you administered was physical, emotional, verbal and mental abuse and destruction plain and simple,” added Hecht.

Judge Otho Eyster sentenced Scott to 25 years in prison.

The three remaining siblings are living with their great aunt who now has legal guardianship over them.


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