Knox Box Allows First-Responders Gain Entry To Homes During Crises


At first glance, it looks just like a small, metal box.   But what's inside could help emergency responders save a life.

In the event of a home emergency, you may or may not be there to respond.  Even if you are home, you may not be able to open the door to let first responders in. That's where a Knox Box could come in handy.

Julie Wall admits getting around the house isn't as easy as it used to be.  “I have fallen, but I have to crawl to pull myself up and sometimes I may not be able to do that and I thought I may be more secure with something like this.”

She's talking about a home security device called a Knox Box.  It acts like safe deposit box for your house key - only it mounts to your front door or outside wall.

“The premise behind the Knox Box is that it's a box hat only the fire department has a key to open,” says Bob Westbrook Fire Prevention Officer for Washington Township Fire Department.

Once the fire department opens the box, they gain access to the home's master key.

If someone is home and can't get to the door, the fire department can enter the home quickly improving response time.  “That is the perfect reason why these residential Knox Boxes are so great,” says Westbrook.

That’s why Julie says she called the fire department to have one put on her home.  “I just think it adds more security to my life,” she says.

Every Knox Box in Washington Township is placed into a database so fire dispatchers send along the information to firefighters so they know before they arrive to use the key.  The fire department says it also avoids having to break down a door or a window to enter a home.

If you want to order a Knox Box you have to order them directly through your local fire department.  A residential Knox Box starts around $300.

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