Kasich Says He Backs Lt. Governor’s Handling Of Staff


Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he supports Lt. Governor Mary Taylor and her handling of the removal of her Chief of Staff and another staff member.

"I support what Mary did," said Kasich.  "I think she was very disappointed, and we did exactly what you should do when you have a problem like that.  The person is gone, it’s been referred.  You have 55,000 employees - you're going to have problems."

Earlier this month Taylor's Chief of Staff Laura Horowitz Johnson and another aide, Heather Brandt, abruptly resigned.

Taylor says she turned over work-related documents of both Johnson and Brandt to the State Inspector General.

Brandt wrote in her resignation letter that she was leaving an "unhealthy hostile work environment."

"I have no idea what that meant," said Kasich.

Ohio Democrats have pointed out Ed FitzGerald had to answer questions last fall after his first pick for Lt. Governor, state senator Eric Kearney, was removed from the ticket after it was discovered he owed about a million dollars in back taxes.

"The key is what do you do with it, and Mary did the right thing and I support her," said Kasich.