Kasich Education Bill May Bear Key Reformers' Marks


The education bill that Gov. John Kasich unveils this week could bear the marks of several of America's best-known school reformers.

The Republican governor hasn't provided details of the bill, but several big ideas have stirred his interest. One is the "outcome-based approach" of education finance pioneer Eric Hanushek, which ties funding to achievement. Another is giving parents more control over education dollars as advocated by former Washington, D.C., schools superintendent Michelle Rhee.

Kasich has also signaled interest in increased classroom spending as detailed by Marguerite Roza of The Center on Reinventing Public Education and expanding online courses like those developed by Google's Sebastian Thrun for Udacity.

Kasich's legislation is the latest attempt to fix Ohio's unconstitutional school-funding system, repeatedly declared overly reliant on property taxes.