Kasich Asks Lawmakers To Increase School Calamity Days For This School Year


Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants schools to have additional calamity days for this year.

Kasich is asking lawmakers to pass a one-time increase due to the severe winter weather.

The governor said in a news release that adding just a few days is needed since so many schools have had to cancel classes over the last few months.

"Many schools have already hit the maximum number of snow days, or will soon, and if they exceed it and have to extend the school year it can wreak havoc with schools budgets and schedules.  Giving schools a few extra snow days this year will be helpful and let everyone stay focused on the top priority when weather hits, keeping kids safe," said Kasich in the release.

Current Ohio law allows for five calamity days a year. The news release did not say exactly how many additional days the governor would like schools to have.