Judge Grants Release From Prison For Woman Who Caused 2009 Fatal Crash


Caitlin Demastry, 26, admits she lied to police when she said she wasn't behind the wheel the night she plowed her car into 27-year old Charlie Cain.

Prosecutors could never prove she was behind the wheel back in February 2009, because her boyfriend admitted to driving. That was a lie.

Prosecutors also claim Demastry was drunk, but because she said she was the passenger police never tested her for alcohol.

On Tuesday, Demastry appeared for the fourth time on an appeal to be released from her prison sentence early.

This time she won - over the objections of family and others, who say she hasn't learned her lesson.

Fairfield County Common Pleas Court Judge Richard E. Berens told the court by releasing Demastry early, he could impose 5-years of probation. That included monitoring her whereabouts with GPS, and random drug testing.

The judge said had he let her serve her entire term, he would not be able to impose the same sanctions.

Demastry took the stand in her appeal saying, " I've made some really, really bad choices. I had a sense of self-entitlement that was astronomical; I will have to relive this nightmare for the rest of my life."

The victim's fiancé said while she agreed 5-years of probation, she doesn't believe Demastry has changed.

"How can I believe anything she says is true? It's always been lies. She hasn't proven to me that she's changed", said Corey Cain, the victim's fiancé.