Jon Waters' Father Makes Remarks Following Rally At Board Of Trustees Meeting

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For the first time, the father of fired Ohio State University band Director Jon Waters is speaking about his son’s firing.

Ohio State's Board of Trustees has refused to allow Waters to address the board, but that did not stop Waters’ supporters from letting their voices being heard.

Outside the Ohio State University Longaberger Alumni House on Friday, a musical protest by Band Alumni played in support of former band Director Jon Waters.


Inside, Waters’ supporters let the OSU Board of Trustees know where they stand with signs and t-shirts that read “We Stand with Jon Waters.”

MaryAnn Kimbro, the mother of a former band member, tried to speak to the board when the meeting adjourned. They kept walking out while she kept talking.

“My son is humiliated to put his name as a band member on a resume. My son has raised money for this university until his hands would bleed, and the fact that you are walking away is pitiful,” she said.

The father of Jon Waters was among the group. He told 10TV his son remains defiant he did nothing to deserve his firing.

“He said ‘Dad I haven't done a thing wrong and I’d like to fight them.’ We're not going away,” said his father John Waters.

Waters was fired after a university investigation found "a sexualized culture in the band”  and said that Waters, "should have known about this culture,  but failed to eliminate it.”

“It hurt me to read that but I know my son, and I know those things aren't true,” added John Waters.

Waters’ uncle described the university's action to fire his nephew as a kind of kidnapping.

“If you have children, imagine someone coming to your door and taking them away and you'll never see them again. He loves those kids in the band. They're his kids and they took them away,” said Jim Radloff.

The family says it no plans on going away.

“It's not going to happen. We're going to find out the truth,” added Jim Radloff.

Waters’ father says they're prepared to fight the firing if court. They believe the investigation into their son was flawed.

“The report is so full of holes and innuendo it will not stand the test of a court,” he said.

As to the rumors his son is being courted by Michigan.

“Despite all of what has said, I would not like him to go to that school up north, and I'm sure he wouldn't he is truly a Buckeye,” he said.