Jogger Says She Was Attacked By Teen In Sharon Woods Metro Park

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Sharon Township police credit an alert woman with helping them locate a teenage boy who she says tackled her while she was out jogging.

Investigators say it took less than 30 minutes from when the frightened jogger called for help to when park rangers located the juvenile suspect.
The police report says the 22-year-old woman was jogging around noon on Monday along the multi-purpose trail, at Sharon Woods Metro Park, when she noticed a teen who seemed out of place.

Sharon Township Police Chief Donald Schwind says the woman was quick to pay attention to her surroundings.

"There was just something about him, as he was approaching her, that she became suspicious of so she started observing him right away,” said Chief Donald Schwind.

Schwind says once the two, going in opposite directions, passed one another the woman looked behind and saw that the teen had turned around and was following her.   He says she picked up her pace but the subject continued to follow her.  

After she looked back a second time, Schwind says,  the suspect  came running up behind her.

"He just tackled her to the ground and put his hand over her mouth,” said Schwind “She was able to get a scream out before he put his hand over her mouth. He told her not to scream. She then bit him."

Schwind says the suspect let go and the woman was able to get away.

While running towards Schrock Road, police say the woman used her cell phone to call 911.

They say she provided a detailed description of the subject which enabled rangers from Sharon Woods to search the park for the subject.
Schwind say the three unarmed Metro Park Rangers saw a person matching the description and were able to detain him for several minutes until other officers arrived.

Investigators say the woman did what they ask of anyone in her situation.

"If you don't feel comfortable, then pay attention to what is around you and observe as much as you can,” said Schwind. “And she did."

Police have identified the suspect as a 16-year-old boy.  They say he was taken into custody and transported to the Sharon Township Police Department.

The subject’s identity was confirmed and he was released to the custody of his grandmother, his court appointed custodial guardian. He has not been charged yet, but the police chief says charges will likely be filed this week.