Jim Heath & Former Houseguest Nick Uhas Talk Week 3 in the Big Brother House

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Former Big Brother star and Columbus native, Nick Uhas, and 10TVs biggest Big Brother fan, Jim Heath, are back at it to recap week 3 in the Big Brother house.

Nick's Predicted Winner:  Zach

Jim's Predicted Winner:  Derrick

Jim:  Whew!  Our original picks are safe but you avoided a near disaster Nick with Zach up on the block and nearly out the door!

Nick:  Been there done that! I gotta say the earlier part of the week had me very worried (calling out Frankie, the scuffle with Devin…all leading up to what could have been the perfect storm of eviction).

Jim:  Watching the live feeds a lot of credit for Zach's survival goes to Derrick and Cody.  Unfortunately the editing didn't give Cody any credit which he deserved.

Nick: I will agree with you on this one Jim, in fact this was the type of cast/alliance I was looking for last year. Loyalty behind closed doors…and it’s great. I think this one attribute will allow this DCZ posse to go far in the game, even if they are not directly connected in an official alliance "Bomb Squad."

Jim:  I still think Zach is in good shape, he has a couple really key friends in Derrick and Cody.

Nick:  I am hoping at this point that Zach has felt the burn of the block enough to start playing a less "out in the open" emotional game. He is for sure smart enough to make well past jury, I just keep praying we don't get a repeat of the POV replacement ceremony post speech.

Jim:  Okay HOH.  Derrick rises to the top.  He’s really lucky that no blood will be on his hands because Devin is universally the house choice to go.

Nick: There will be a lot of back and forth deals between Hayden, Nicole, Zach, Frankie, Caleb and Cody…so basically the whole house…the only real good prediction is that Devin will be back doored.

Jim:  I've never seen a house so united over eliminating one houseguest.

Nick: live feeds got this one on lock.

Jim:  Okay let's talk our first week predictions and what we got right.  Devin.  We said he's a mess.  And he proved it this week.  He puts up Zach, exposes his alliance and ends up crying in the shower.  Really entertaining yet bizarre game play.

Nick: I actually want Devin to stay in this house, he's by far the most entertaining House Guest…chances of that happening, very slim. While I do respect someone who says that “I will go solo and ride the wave of competition wins” this strategy works about 0/100 times.

Jim:  Maybe 0/1000 times.

Nick:  The competitions are almost just the shuffling of the cards in this game of Big Brother. It is truly won as a social/psychological endurance game of chess…not UFC.

Jim:  By the way, what is it about week one alliances?  First the Moving Company now the Bomb Squad.  What have we learned here?

Nick:  Oh boy…. I will say this...the Big Brother house is a place of extreme paranoia and a complete lack of trusting relationships. This makes the houseguests desire one of most human quality inside the house …security. Alliances give this sense of "false" security, and the beginning of the show is when they are in need the most. The lesson I've learned from the observance of 1st week alliance failures is that Big Brother is not about "playing the game too fast" is about being able to readjust to new obstacles and changing HG relationships.


Jim:  Derrick, Nicole and Frankie.  We put them all in our "upper tier" and they really proved it this week.  Derrick especially I think is playing a fantastic game.

Nick: I gotta say Jim….you were spot on with this one. If I could change my winning horse it would be Derrick.

Jim:  He’s been outstanding.  Who else in our middle tier has played well?  I think Hayden for sure and he's really close to Nicole so he's in great shape.  Cody is playing Mr. Popularity really well and that will take him deep in the game.  Caleb is tough to read and once Devin is gone it will be interesting to see who he aligns with.

Nick: Brittany's mother plea to Devin was eye opening. I sat back in my chair and nodded my head with approval. She really nailed it, and avoided being put on the block completely with just one conversation. Hats off to Britt.

Jim:  Okay, here's where we went wrong with our first week predictions.  You had Joey in your upper tier and she's gone.  I had Paola in my potential tier and she's gone.  I don't think either is a huge surprise.

Nick: I thought perhaps Joey would be a sleeper and stay cool calm and collected. Alex proved me wrong…very wrong.

Jim:  Alex haha.  So, what we didn't like this week.  I'll start.  Caleb willing to throw his game for Amber this early in the game is awful.  Especially when it's clear she doesn't really care what he does.  He's destined to lose mid-game.  I've also been surprised by Donnie's popularity, but he's beginning to rub the better players like Derrick and Cody the wrong way.

Nick: I didn't like Zach loosing emotional control in front of the whole house.  I wanted this guy to be an evil Dan.

Jim:  Me too!  But people forget that Dan struggled a lot the first half of his first season too.

Nick:  I still have faith Zach can pull it together, but as the pressure and boredom of the summer goes on it will be interesting!

Jim:  I'm also really tired of Jocasta and Victoria floating, sorry this is the anti-floater season.  I love the nerd trio of Nicole, Christine and Hayden.  They are tight, smart and as proven this week competitive.

Nick: I am also liking the NCH. They proved to be a lot smart as unit than I originally thought. Hoping they keep getting intel thrown at them, the will be a great tri-liance.


Nick: The backdoor for Big Brother is actually big enough for Devin. I can't see this not happening as the first two weeks are usually prey for the weaker players. I am very impressed with Derrick, and want to see my number one pick Zach make a comeback this week!

Jim:  Derrick is my boy from Day 1 and I'm really pleased with his game play.  But the HOH makes me a little nervous as he takes a more spotlight role.  I think our favorite gamers are on track Nick – so far so good!

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