Jewish Federation Of Columbus Holds Solidarity Rally

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A few hundred members of Columbus' Jewish community showed their support for the country of Israel and the Israeli people Sunday night.

The Jewish Federation Of Columbus organized a solidarity rally as the fighting intensifies between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militants in the Mideast.

Those in attendance held signs and wore shirts that read "Columbus stands with Israel."

Many in attendance had just returned from the country or currently have family there.

They explained the desperation and isolation many in Israel are feeling as the bombings continue.

"It's a very hard situation to be in when you are under fire," said Columbus Board of Rabbis President Rabbi Mitch Levine. "How do you protect yourself? How do you defend yourself? Eventually you have to go in, have to try to solve the problem."

The Columbus Jewish Federation is vowing to raise $100,000 as part of a nationwide effort to raise more than $10 Million to help Israelis who have lost their homes and belongings in the bombings.