Jack Hanna Seeks Peace In New Exotic Animal Legislation


Jack Hanna was at the statehouse on Monday, to testify before lawmakers looking to create new exotic animal laws.

Governor John Kasich signed an executive order saying the state will work to better enforce existing laws, try to temporarily shut down auction sales and shut down unlicensed auctions, 10TV’s Kurt Ludlow reported.

“Today I said ‘the party’s over everybody,'" said Hanna. “I’m not gonna go through this again, I’m not the Governor, I’m just a person. I know one thing, if people want my help, then certain things have to be done.”

Hanna said he wants people who keep exotic animals as pets to have to install a costly perimeter fence that is 10 feet high, buried 3 feet deep like the fences at The Wilds, Ludlow reported. In addition, he wants them to pay permit fees of at least one thousand dollars, provide proper housing and proof of veterinary care, and have a plan in place to care for the animals if the owner dies.

The tragedy of the Muskingum County exotic animal farm has yet to leave his mind, Hanna said.

“For some reason, this thing here has affected me more than anything in my 40 years,” said Hanna. “I bet I haven’t slept in the last seven days, three or four hours a night because my mind keeps going.”

According to Hanna, currently, a person can purchase a wild animal for a few thousand dollars in Ohio, but it costs up to $300,000 to properly care for one.

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