It’s Finale Night For Summer’s No. 1 Rated Network Show Big Brother


Big Brother 15 star Nike Uhas, a central Ohio native, is in LA getting ready for the show. He discusses his expectations with 10TV’s Jim Heath ahead of the 9:30 p.m. season finale.

Jim:  Let's Rock and Roll Nick!  You're in LA ready for the finale!  I'm nervous for the three finalists - Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie.  This is a HUGE night for one of them.

Nick: Mega Game On!!! It is a huge night for all of the final three!!! On the outside of the BB house, I have been out here hanging with Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard and David... it's been a pretty fun time thus far!!

Jim:  In 1 million years, I wouldn't have guessed this trio to be at the end.

Nick: Simple answer, NO!

Jim:  The MVP power the first half of the summer really benefited each of them don't you think?

Nick:  The MVP twist allowing an extra seat (thus higher chances for a stronger player to go up on the block) which had catastrophic consequences for players that were threatening in any way. The result was a low allegiance, multi alliance second half of the game. All three of the finalist benefited from this platform for sure!

Jim:  All of your friends in central Ohio - how do explain this GinaMarie situation to them?  Is her obsession real and are you slightly worried or just amused?

Nick: It's like a football game, there is anticipation, emotion, and definite unknowns... we will just have to see how it all pans out!

Jim:  I think it's safe to say that you are by far the most remembered player who exited in Week 2 in BB history!  Does that surprise you?

Nick: Being in the house is like being in exile from society. So, in many ways yes! I had no real gauge or thoughts on how my time in the BB house would reflect my time OUT of the house. It has been a wild summer for sure!

Jim:  Alright, in an earlier post here on we both predicted GM will win.  So let's talk strategy tonight.  If she wins the final HOH, I think she takes Spencer to the final.  He'll be easier to beat. What are your thoughts?

Nick: Spencer would definitely be the better choice. At the end of this 91-day mental, emotional, and physical marathon the winner is chosen by HG's (the jury)... who have experienced this unique journey.  My gut tells me the jury will honor GM's move to take on McCranda, and will connect with her over Spencer as a player who gave it her all.

Jim:  What happens if Andy wins the final HOH?  He has promised both GM and Spencer he'll take them.  I think he's more loyal to Spencer.

Nick: Over the course of the game Andy has continued to align with Spencer... not always, but as a trend. So, if it comes down to drawing a line in the sand, GM will be on the other side of it.

Jim:  Do we both agree Spencer can't win a majority on the jury?

Nick:  Very much agreed, especially because the jury has his 10K to fall back on as a reason to hand the winning ticket off to someone else.

Jim:  So let's talk numbers for GM and Andy.  Nine members of the jury:  Aaryn, Jessie, Judd, McCrea, Amanda, Helen, Elissa, Candice and/or (Andy/GM/Spencer).

If it's GM against Spencer with Andy the 9th member of jury, I think she wins with 8 votes.  What do you think?

Nick:  8:1 or 7:2, but either way it’s a land slide victory for GM

Jim:  If it's Andy against Spencer with GM the ninth member of jury, I think Andy wins with six votes.  How much am I off?

Nick: That is pretty much spot on. 6:3  Andy, Spencer split. People do change their mind in the jury house, but if we look at the season as a whole and sum up everyone's relationships.. this will be the ratio.

Jim:  Okay, it's GM versus Andy.  This is the matchup you want.  I think this makes it tougher for GM.  She gets just five votes.  Nail biter!

Nick:  I am going to go with 5:4 as well, but this is a solid 5:4 vote, which I think talk in the jury house will just polarize and make even more concrete.

Jim:  You've already started working on a post BB YouTube tour.  How's it coming and how can people help out?

Nick: I sure have!!! I couldn't be happier going across the country talking with past Big Brother HG's (some of the best players of all time too), Celebs, and major New Media Celebs and making each visit into a full video production for YouTube.

All the details can be seen here at:

Jim:  Your mom is headed to the finale with you.  She ready to meet GM?

Nick: She has been ready!!! I am so juiced to have brought my mom to the finale...she is even a bigger Big Brother fan than me!!!!!

Jim:  There are lots of questions about the legacy of this season of BB, and we've previously discussed the racism issues.  What do you hope viewers remember most from your cast - can the controversy actually be turned into a positive thing?

Nick: It really can. There will be a lot of focus on how each HG deals with the repercussions of their actions, and I fully believe we will be very surprised to see the humanity expressed and shown once they are back in the real world. It will be refreshing and inspirational seeing how people truly can change.

Jim:  Congratulations on the summer Nick and we'll see you live tonight on the Big Brother finale!  O-H

Nick: IO!!!!