Israeli and Palestinian Supporters in Central Ohio React to Violence


The conflict in the Middle East is being felt here in central Ohio.

Dozens rallied Saturday near the Ohio State University, calling for an end to the attacks in Gaza.

Their voices were loud, but their message was peace.

“We feel this is an uncalled for, unwarranted use of force,” said Samantha Agarwal.

Their flags and signs were a show of support for the Palestinians.

“There are so many people suffering. We just need to hold Israel accountable, being one of their biggest allies, we have the power to do that in the U.S.," Deena Schwen said.

While the demonstrators were chanting and marching for an end to the airstrikes in Gaza, an Israeli emissary in Columbus was checking his phone. He receives an alert each time his homeland is bombed.     

“There are like thousands of missiles going to Israel right now from all over the country. People cannot go to school, they cannot go to work,” said Lior Abarbanel.

Columbus  businessman, Larry Levine, was also keeping an eye on what's happening in Israel.

He runs the website Israel Watch.  He calls the Israeli army the most moral in the world.

“They are doing everything they can to try to stop civilians from being killed.  There is no Jew, no Israeli, who favors killing civilians,” Levine said.

While both sides have opposing views, they have the same hope of peace.

Both groups said they plan to hold rallies in Columbus next Saturday.

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