Irma impacts travel in central Ohio

In this geocolor GOES-16 satellite image taken Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017, at 22:00 UTC, the eye of Hurricane Irma moves up Florida's west coast. (NOAA via AP)

COLUMBUS, Ohio - As Irma moves through Florida and other parts of the southeastern United States, travelers in central Ohio more than 1,000 miles from the eye of the storm are feeling the ripple effects.

“We were supposed to leave at noon and had mechanical issue,” traveler Cole McMath said.

“That delayed us enough that weather became more of an issue.”

Travelers at the John Glenn Columbus International Airport are now awaiting a break from back to back tropical storms.

The airport had more than a dozen canceled outbound flights to several cities including Miami, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

McMath told 10TV he started his trip after leaving Houston to view the solar eclipse with his brother. He says flood water from Hurricane Harvey blocked the bridge to his home but has recently receded enough for him to return. The obstacle for McMath is to now find a flight to get there.

“Me and nearly 50 or 60 people that were on that flight have been here since probably 10 a.m.”

Some airports are slowly starting to come back to life. The Miami International Airport is slated to reopen Tuesday with limited operation.

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