Investigators: Suspected Arsonist's Criminal History Spans Decades


 Investigators said that a woman who looks like she could be someone's harmless grandmother is actually a suspected serial arsonist.

Sherie Bomar, 56, was charged in one Lancaster arson and is suspected in 14 others.

"She was my mother's neighbor," Mary Hobstetter said.

Mary and Bill Hobstetter got to know Bomar in April of 1997, after Mary's mother's Scioto County home caught fire and Bomar ran to the rescue.

"She was up, happened to be in the kitchen and saw smoke coming out of my mother's upstairs and ran next door, pounded on the door and woke her up," Hobstetter said.

Three days later, the home burned to the ground. The Hobstetters later learned that the hero who saved their mother was actually an arsonist.

"She never did admit to the first fire, but she admitted to the second one," Bill Hobstetter said. "She said the house looked so bad she wanted to get rid of it."

Authorities in Fairfield County arrested Bomar for tampering with evidence related to arson in 2001. With that arrest, Scioto County revoked her probation and sent her to jail.

That was the last the Hobstetters heard from her until last week when Bomar was arrested in connection with the arson of her neighbor's home.

"I thought, those poor people in Lancaster are going through what we went through," Bill Hobstetter said.

Mary Hobstetter said that Bomar took much more than a home from her mother.

"Once she lost that house, she lost all grasp of reality. She didn't know anything after that and I blame Sherie Bomar for that," Mary Hobstetter said.

Bomar remains in custody in Fairfield County.

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