Investigators: Man Driving Van Attempting To Lure Children Reappears In Fairfield Co.


Fairfield County deputies and Pickerington Police are investigating two similar reports of a man in a gray van attempting to lure children.

Authorities report that the van has been spotted multiple times and was said to be used in possible attempted enticements at least twice.

Investigators said that a teenage boy, a passenger in the van, approached one child in Violet Township on Sept. 30. The young boy said that the teenager attempted to lure him to the vehicle with gifts.

According to a post on the Pickerington Police Facebook page, the mini-van was described as a silver/gray Chrysler, possibly a Town and Country, with a front bug guard.

A vehicle matching the description was also reported to have slowed down to watch a child playing in front of a home near the Chevington North subdivision and state Route 204 on Oct. 5, the police department said.

The driver fled the scene quickly when an adult observed the van and approached it.

In each case, police said that the van was driven by an "older" white man and had a teenage boy in the passenger seat. Detailed descriptions were not available.

Ron Eggleston said that he was watching his 4-year-old grandson when a driver in a gray mini-van approached him.

“There was an older gentleman, and there looked to be a teenage boy. You know, they were looking at Collin,” Eggleston said.

Eggleston said that the van took off before he could get the license number.

“I took off running toward it, and they peeled out of there, and almost got T-boned,” Eggleston said.

No children were injured during the incidents.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office at 614-322-5250 or the Pickerington Police Department at 614-575-6911.

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