Investigators Look Into Another Reported Steubenville Rape


The Steubenville rape story filled an emotional hour on the Dr. Phil show, as teammates of two boys charged, say it's demoralized everyone.

"I had a couple people tweet me saying that we, all together as a football team, need to kill ourselves.  And there's another threat which is saying that all of the football players need to be lined up and shot,” said a Steubenville football player.

On August 11, teenagers in Steubenville attended a series of parties with alcohol.

One girl allegedly got so drunk she passed out and the next day social media was full of comments about football players allegedly raping her.

Two of them were charged. And now, there are hints that there might have been another teenager raped last April.

“ I took it upon myself and I said I going to find this girl. The girl was fourteen.  And I found her through Facebook,” said one unidentified woman.

“We were notified on or about Labor Day of this second incident,” said Bill McCafftery, Steubenville Police Chief.

The Steubenville police chief would not elaborate except  to say that BCI and the Ohio Attorney General are investigating

Since he's also investigating the incident involving another teen,  10TV asked Mike DeWine about a connection.

"I can't say it's related. It's the same geographical area.  But I can't talk about who's involved or who's not involved,” said Attorney General Mike DeWine.

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