Investigators Eyeing Arson After Early Morning Apartment Fire In West Columbus


A blaze early Monday morning sent families into the street in west Columbus.  Now, investigators are trying to determine whether it was intentionally set.

This comes after flames broke out on the 200 block of Dakota Avenue around 5 a.m.

A family had just moved out of the home a day earlier when smoke and flames poured from the apartment.  But according to neighbors on both sides of the home, they heard the smashing of a window, then the sounds of someone yelling, “fire!”

Firefighters were able to control the blaze, and then investigators went to work.  They even brought in a K9 to hunt for clues as to why the fire was started.  They’re calling it ‘suspicious’ for now and will continue to search through evidence to find the true cause of the flames.

Firefighters have battled several garage and vacant house fires recently and investigators are looking to see if there is a link between any of them.

Because of the high flames, the fire affected power lines and left a few homes without electricity.  No one was injured in fire.