Investigators Continue To Look For Answers Two Weeks After Muskingum County Murder


There are still no arrests and no suspects named in the death of Brandy Hindel Daniels.

The Muskingum United Presbyterian Church Cemetery is a routine destination for area resident Jean Hughes, especially on a beautiful spring day.

It is there where she pays respect to her husband, who passed away twenty years ago.

"It is a beautiful setting up here,” said Hughes.

It’s just a mile away from the spot where 25-year-old Brandy Hindel Daniels was shot to death in her car in her driveway.

Two weeks have passed since her murder, but it's something Jean thinks about every day.

"I am shocked to see someone get murdered close to our land here, it's a sad situation,” she says."You just wonder what got into people to do that, you know. She was a beautiful girl; she really was and had a family."

Sheriff Matt Lutz tells 10TV his investigators continue to look into leads and talk to persons of interest. He also says they are checking phone records and waiting for test results on evidence from the scene.

Days after the murder, the sheriff's office also requested surveillance video from any home or business in the area that could provide a clue, including from Nashport Elementary school.

While Jean Hughes continues to dig weeds around her husband's grave, miles away at the Frazeysburg Cemetery, the flowers from Hindel Daniel's funeral are beginning to wither. But the hopes of finding her killer are still quite alive.

"I hope they catch whoever did it,” added Hughes."You never know where you're safe."

The sheriff's department is still asking anyone with information about the murder of Brandy Hindel Daniels to give them a call at 740-452-3637/extension 6041.