Investigators Bust 'Major' Oxycodone Dealer

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Investigators say a Columbus man who was major Oxycodone dealer is behind bars.

Jack Morris Jr. of Northeast Columbus is set to be sentenced next month after the DEA, ATF, and Gahanna Police raided, what they say is, a major drug distribution network.

“It spanned Michigan, Ohio we heard further,” said Detective Matt Fulmer of Gahanna Police.

Morris lived on Wyandotte Drive when agents raided his home. Inside, they found an arsenal of weapons including three high-powered rifles including an AK-47.

“Mr. Morris would supply firearms to his lieutenants bullet proof vests to go and sell the narcotics,” said Assistant U.S. attorney David Devillers.

Morris was convicted based on testimony from his former partners including his girlfriend Judy Kindle and Jeremy Baker.

Agents Christopher Wilcox, a licensed firearms dealer, sold Morris his weapons. Wilcox sold the guns from his home.

“He was addicted to oxycodone and he needed money oxycodone to keep his business going and that's how Mr. Morris got his firearms," said Devillers.

Gahanna Police say Morris' drug operation supplied oxycodone to Columbus, Gahanna and New Albany.

Investigators say Morris sold hundreds of thousands of pills from June 2011 through November of last year.
His mother says she knew what her son was up to.

“There was traffic in there like a freeway. It was constant all the neighbors would say do you know what he's doing? I said yeah, but what am I going to do about it?," said his mother who asked not to be identified.

She says she called police, but felt nothing was done about it.

“It didn't no good to call the police they wouldn't do anything to him," she said.

Meanwhile, agents say sending a person like Jack Morris to prison puts a major dent in drug sales in the area.

Jack Morris is in the Franklin County jail. He'll be sentenced next month.

Two of his co-defendants testified against him.