Investigative Unit Cracks Down On Under Age Alcohol Sales


A 17-year old walks into a Dublin restaurant with the hopes of being served alcohol, but what the business doesn't know is that he's working undercover for the Ohio Investigative Unit.

He walks out empty-handed, which is just what undercover agents hoped would happen.

“They checked the ID before they even asked him what he's liked to have,” said SuAnn Cook, Ohio Investigative Unit. “They did exactly what they're suppose to do.”

The teen would try to buy alcohol at a local drive-through, bar, and gas stations, all to no avail; leaving agents to believe server training is working.

“Most of our businesses do a good job to make sure they are not serving their underage person," added Cook.

But there was a problem at Flint Carryout, where a sign outside said employees check's ID. The teenager walked in and then walked out with a can of beer.

That's when agents from the Ohio Investigative Unit paid the cashier a visit, and told the employee that the person who just came in and got a beer was underage.

Agents said the employee admitted she didn't look at his age close enough.

Investigators say they hope surprise checks like this one sends a strong message to anyone who sells liquor.

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