Investigation Finds Firefighter Had Sex With Teen While At Station

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The city of Columbus has concluded its investigation into a firefighter accused of using his firehouse to have sex with a teenager.

The report finds firefighter Marc Cain guilty of all accusations against him.

Those accusations included Cain conducting a sexual relationship at the firehouse while on duty, giving the firehouse security codes to the woman he was involved with so she could come and go freely and allowing that woman to regularly ride along on medic and rescue run; even after he was ordered not to.

Cain, who is married, admitted having sex with the then 18-year-old starting in September 2011 through April of 2013.

But Cain denied the conduct ever occurred while he was on the job or on Fire Division property.

The investigation finds those statements were lies.

Cain is guilty of three administrative charges:  Dishonesty, Insubordination, and Failure of Good Behavior.

These findings have been submitted to Columbus Fire Chief Gregory Paxton, who will decide what discipline Cain will receive.

If that discipline amounts to anything more than a reprimand, it will go to the City Safety Director for review.

Both the Fire Chief and Columbus Safety Director declined comment tonight.

The head of the firefighter's union was not aware of the findings, but said he would look to make sure there were no discrepancies in the process.