Investigation Continues Into Marion Driver That Caused Fiery Crash That Killed 3

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A horrific, fiery crash in Marion on Monday left a family of three dead and nearly a dozen injured.

Edwin Sisson died along with his wife, Johann, and their daughter Amanda.

Those who worked with Ed Sisson say he was epitome of a dedicated employee. Despite his struggle with diabetes, they say he always came to work and always had a smile on his face.

Christine Dickson worked with Ed at Folks Printing for nearly 20 years.

“Everybody is pretty sad because he was a good friend,” said Dickson.

Ed's sister-in-law says the family was on their way to Ed's dialysis appointment when Larry Dennison, Jr, 41, hit their car and it caught fire. Dennison then fled the scene.

At the printing shop, Dickson says Sisson left quite a legacy when he left a few years ago.

“He would come to work no matter how he felt. There were days he would come to work and we would tell him to go home because he didn't feel could but he wouldn't go.”

Sisson lost a leg to diabetes, but thanks to prosthesis, he worked as a delivery driver and ran a label cutter. Employees say he always had a joke to tell.

His wife Johanna, 45, worked with the handicapped.

"We were close. If I had one thing to do I would ask god to bring her back," said her sister, Robin Schreck.

The family said 27-year-old Amanda was mentally disabled.

"She took really good care of her daughter, and everywhere they went, she went with them," said Schreck.

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the crash. 

Witnesses say the Dennison sideswiped one car before hitting four other cars that were coming to a stop at this Delaware Avenue intersection.

The family is struggling to understand why the driver was driving so erratically?

“What (were) you thinking and if there is a problem - why (were) you driving?” asks Robin Schreck, Ed’s sister-in-law.

10 Investigates found that Dennison has a history of rear-end crashes.

Dennison is a man known to friends as a person with a big smile but a spotty driving record. 

“Just happened to be looking and seen him hitting the back of the truck,” said witness Jeremy Burt.

Burt watched as Dennison smashed into the back of a truck and set off the fire.

10 Investigates has learned the accident was not Dennison's first. 10TV found state records that show he had a crash last year. And in 2009, Dennison had two accidents. Records show that he appeared to be at fault in all three.

Nobody answered the door at Dennison’s home on Tuesday. But in 2009, Dennison admitted to rear ending a driver. He wrote in a police crash report that the car in front of him “stopped kind of quick, and I wasn't able to avoid her in the rear."

10 Investigates has learned that 43-year-old Dennison works at a Marion restaurant as a dishwasher.

People who know Dennison tell 10TV that he has had serious physical problems in the past. Burt says Dennison looked like he was suffering a medical problem at the time of the accident. 

“When I had seen him go by, he had been slumped over when the back of that truck,” said Burt.

Burt says he helped Dennison at the crash site and has no reason to believe Dennison was under the influence.