Intruder Breaks Into Pataskala Home, Attacks Sleeping Couple


A husband and wife were injured after a masked man broke into their Pataskala home.

It happened Tuesday around 5:00 a.m. on Edenberry Drive.

The woman who lives in the home said she awoke to a man lying on top of her.  She said the stranger pistol whipped her husband, then grabbed her by the hair and dragged the couple downstairs to the kitchen.

She says the man who broke into their home was asking for specific items, but only got away with was cash.

Police say during the altercation, the couple’s 14-year-old granddaughter ran to a neighbor’s house and called 911.

Pataskala police say it's very unusual activity for the neighborhood and they're taking action right away.  "We'll increase our visibility in the area and we'll take a proactive stance.  (We’ll) have cruisers in here - high visibility - to let them know we are here and around to keep the community safe,” said Sgt. Gary Smith of the Pataskala Police.

The woman’s husband suffered multiple non-life-threatening injuries during the invasion and remains hospitalized.

Police say the intruder was a 6’6” white male dressed in all black, wearing black gloves with a camouflage mask over his face.  Police add that the suspect may have been working with an accomplice.  Anyone with information on the home invasion is asked to call 911.