“Inspirational” Graffiti Causing Concern


Inspirational messages are popping up on business walls along Cleveland Avenue in Clinton Township.

The problem was that they are graffiti and they are costing people time and money to take them down.

Clinton Township police tell 10TV they have a vague description of the graffiti artist from surveillance video, who they are actively searching for.

Despite the tone of the messages, the people in that neighborhood tell 10TV they want them to stop.

“We work too hard to try to keep our businesses clean. No trash, no dirt. This is what we get,” said Brother’s Finest Barber Shop owner, Moss, about the graffiti that showed up on the outside of his business wall.

The words are in black on white and the message is clear:

“‘Follow the heart.’ It's a strong message, but you have to present this message in a proper conundrum. I mean, find yourself a canvas and put it out there. This is not the proper place to put your art work,” said Moss.

“It takes away from time when we could be in here cutting hair, servicing our clients and also takes away from the bottom line because you don't necessarily expect to buy paint in a situation like that, but something that you have to do,” said barber, Darryl Henderson.

10TV cameras captured similar writing with similar phrases all along that stretch of Cleveland Avenue.

Store owners said this type of graffiti popped up within the past week.

“I was surprised. You know, I was very surprised that it happened cause, like I said, it never happened before,” said Vance’s Outdoor manager, Chris McLaren.

McLaren says that in the 15 years he's worked at Vance's Outdoor, this graffiti is a first.

“It said ‘learn loyalty.’ The Vances take a lot of pride in keeping the place looking good... and something like this demanded quick action,” said McLaren.

Being a gun store, he said their security is strong, with surveillance cameras and a high police presence. Even still, officers said this shadowy outline of a person got away with the graffiti.

Now, McLaren and many others want him caught.

“When you spray paint a private business, that's going too far. I think then you're doing it to somebody else's property. Something that they had to pay for and build and so I think that kind of crosses a line that they should respect,” said McLaren.

Police encourage people in the area to be vigilant and report new graffiti.

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