Inmates Trash Food After More Maggots Found in Central Ohio Prison


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said crews found about maggots on the floor under a piece of stainless steel equipment during the pre-meal inspection Tuesday.

An ODRC spokesperson said crews immediately cleaned and sanitized the area, but about a thousand inmates went through the line and dumped their food in a trash can.

The ODRC spokesperson said, "Anytime something occurs outside of the normal operation of the prison, we take it very seriously.  Food service is a critical operation for us.  We continue to have discussions with Aramark and they know improvements must continue." 

A spokesperson for Aramark, the company that supplies food to Ohio prisons, said, "It is our understanding that this allegedly happened during a pre-meal service inspection.  It is highly suspicious, as this facility recently passed inspections by the board of health and a third-party auditor.  This location was also personally visited by Senator Smith prior to the CIIC committee hearing held last week.  The DRC has notified us that it is looking into all potential causes for any alleged infestations, including issues with pest control and infrastructure within the facilities which are not our responsibility."