Indiana Man Pleads Guilty To Possession Of More Than A Dozen Destructive Devices

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A national guardsman with an affection for making bombs pleaded guilty in federal court on Tuesday.

Andrew Boguslawski, 44, was pulled over by the Ohio Highway Patrol in West Jefferson, and the patrol discovered nine bombs in his van.

The Indiana National Guard says Andrew Boguslawski's never trained soldiers at its Urban Warfare Training Facility, but that's not what his attorney says.

He questions why the Indiana National Guard would allow his client to possess explosives when he had no federal license.

The Indiana National Guard Urban Warfare training center is located in Muscatatuk, Indiana.

Andrew Boguslawski told his attorney that he used his homemade explosives to train soldiers there.

“Mr. Boguslowski he took it upon himself to make this training more lifelike,” said his attorney Steve Nolder.

Boguslawski's told his attorney that he received commendations from the military for his bomb making skills.

His attorney says his client had no federal license to possess explosives nor did he have any military training in bomb making.

“Mr. Boguslawski is self- taught in this. He had no military training whatsoever. For the last 7 to 8 years Mr. Boguslowski  has engaged in training troops that are shipped out to Afghanistan and Iraq", said Nolder.

The Indiana National Guard says it has no record of Boguslawski training anyone but says it cannot comment further because the case is ongoing.

Boguslawski's bomb making would have continued had he not been pulled over by Ohio Highway Patrol officer for speeding on New Year’ s Day.

A search of his car found multiple guns and nine of these homemade bombs inside energy drink bottles.

Attorneys on both sides say there was no indication he wanted to use the bombs to hurt anyone.

“Mr. Boguslowski has never been in trouble before and this is something that he's not accustomed with dealing with", says Nolder.

The government says his decision to transport bombs in his car had the potential not only to put his life at risk but those of others around him.

“The devices were capable of causing serious bodily damage or death,” said Assistant US Attorney Sal Dominguez.

The Indiana National guard tells 10TV Boguslawski did receive military intelligence training in 2010 and was working as a grounds keeper at the Urban Warfare Training Facility.

Last year he was assigned for military discharge, but the guard wouldn't say why.

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