Increase In Women Wanting The Right To Carry A Gun

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Delaware County is seeing more than a boom in population.

The county is experiencing an explosion of people signing up for courses on how to fire a concealed weapon.

Over the past three years the sheriff's department says it's seen a 66 percent increase in CCW applications. It started accepting application appointments online because of the demand.

According the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, women now make up nearly half of the people in Delaware County that have signed up to learn how to legally defend themselves with a handgun in public.

People like Denise Debolt.

"I'm a small old woman. What am I going to do if a 200 pound man comes at me?" she said.

Debolt received her concealed handgun license 8 months ago.

She says she wanted to avoid becoming a victim.

"A 300 pound sumo wrestler could come through the door and with a gun i have a chance", she said.

Vicki Scholl says she just signed up for her CCW course.

She says her decision to get a gun was to protect her family.

"It's my responsibility to take care of myself in the best way i know how," Scholl said.

Those who teach CCW classes say people shouldn't assume once they pass a class that they're ready to defend themselves in public.

"It's a perishable skill that needs to be maintained, and if someone isn't willing too make that commitment there are alternative,s but maybe a loaded gun isn't the right thing," said Andy Loeffler, the chief instructor at Blackwing Shooting range.

As for Vikki Scholl and Denise Debolt they believe the reason why more women are learning how to shoot is simple: women don't need to rely on someone else for protection.

"Women feel more responsible for themselves and they don't expect anyone else to take care of themselves," said Debolt.

"Women don't feel like they have to be in the shawdows in the more that they don't need someone else to protect them. I think it's kind of sexy to be able to stand up for yourself and protect yourself," said Scholl.

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